Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Why This Study?

The Jacksonville Public Library asked Godfrey Associates to study the Library's capacity and how its services must change in the future. The consultant's full report allowed the Library's Board of Trustees to think about its current resources and future projects.

JCCI's study, Check It Out: Independent Library Funding, addresses one of five recommendations that the Library's Board of Trustees made to Jacksonville's City Council in July 2011. That recommendation, which was based on the consultant's report, was:

The board recommends implementation of stable, reliable, and sustainable funding mechanisms, as well as endorsement of targeted capital investments.

Now more than the Board of Trustees wants to know: what does a stable, reliable, and sustainable funding mechanism look like and does Jacksonville want this for their libraries? JCCI donors, Friends of the Jacksonville Library, and the Jacksonville Public Library Foundation, Inc. are funding a study of this very question.

Read the study's issue statement for more on how this study came to be...

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